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    Packaging 500 g - Tribomechanically activated and micronized

    Mineral Zeolite

    Zeolite Clinoptilolite

    Zeolites are rare natural minerals of volcanic origin, formed from four elements: earth, fire, water and air. They are the product of a centuries-old chemical process and natural reactions between volcanic vapor condensate and ocean water under specific geological conditions.

    Zeolite clinoptilolite has a cage structure with a strong negative charge, which attracts and adsorbs heavy metals, dangerous carcinogenic toxins, organic toxins and other harmful substances. The beginning of modern medical application of clinoptilolite zeolite was based on its exceptional biophysical properties and ion exchange properties, which enable simultaneous remineralization of the organism and effective natural detoxification. The process of micronization and activation of clinoptilolite zeolite does not cause changes in its chemical composition, but changes certain physicochemical properties: electrostatic charge, ion exchange capacity, specific active surface area and liquid absorption capacity increase, and water is released from inside the crystal structure. The crystal ball acquires surface cracks during the activation process, so it becomes active in its inner layer as well. The development of medical science in the 21st century is largely determined by the development of nanotechnology, so research into activated zeolite clinoptilolite is becoming more relevant and intensive, as they encroach on the field of nanomedicine.

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    Zeolite is a 100% natural mineral that the human body recognizes as its own substance. It is absolutely safe and non-toxic, has no lethal or toxic dose, no unwanted contraindications, side effects or interactions with other pharmacological or phytopharmacological substances. Zeolite does not create addiction, does not settle in the organs, is completely eliminated from the body.

    Zeolite improves general health and immunity, is the most effective detoxifier, eliminates fatigue, suppresses and reduces tumor growth with better tolerance of chemotherapy, regulates blood sugar and fat levels, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, regulates high blood pressure, prevents complications of diabetes bloating in inflammation and cirrhosis of the liver, acts gastroprotectively, reduces pain, stiffness and improves joint mobility, has a beneficial effect on the quality and moisture of the skin and eliminates fungal skin diseases. Zeolite also absorbs radioactivity.

    Zeolite is taken orally with or before meals, and in justified cases (exhausted organism and difficulty in digestion) 1 hour after meals. The powder is taken diluted in a liquid: in addition to water, you can take green tea, juice, vitamin drink. It is also important to emphasize that zeolites are taken with a plastic, wooden or ceramic dispenser, not a metal one.

    Detoxification program

    Zeolite as a negatively charged mineral in the body acts biophysically (not chemically) and naturally and effectively detoxifies the body from positively charged substances of heavy and radioactive metals, radioactive and UV radiation, herbicides, pesticides, nitrosamines, aflatoxins, mycotoxins and other carcinogenic and toxic , nicotine, alcohol, chemo and radiotherapy, birth control pills and long-term medication.

    In the process of detoxification, zeolite eliminates from the body:

    • heavy metals, after which pesticides, herbicides are eliminated from the body

    • excess acid (alkalization of the organism, prevention of acidic diseases - candidiasis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, indigestion, acute and chronic intestinal inflammation, etc.),

    • excess glucose (prevention of diabetes mellitus and complications of diabetes),

    • viral components - prevents virus replication (herpes, hepatitis, influenza),

    • reduces oxidative stress and eliminates its harmful implications on the body as a whole

    Therapy with activated zeolite clinoptilolite is 100% natural and is used as an adjuvant (auxiliary medical therapy) in many immune, autoimmune and other severe and chronic diseases, and shows results from improving the general condition and slowing the course of the disease to remission of symptoms.

    Numerous world scientific studies, including our Ruđer Boškovic Institute, have developed mechanisms of antitumor action of zeolites. At the First Croatian Symposium with International Participation on Supportive Therapy in Oncology Patients (Brijuni, October 2008), Prof. Dr. Pavelić, Prof. Šamija and Dr. Jasprica Hrelec, directly introduced Croatian oncologists to the properties of zeolite as a supportive therapy in cancer patients.

    Scientific research shows that in tumors and similar neoplasms at the cellular level, zeolite activates the mechanism of tumor growth suppression. Clinical experience shows that in oncology patients zeolite normalizes hematological and biochemical parameters (SE, E, L, Tr, gGT, AST, ALT, LDH), eliminates fungi in the mouth and esophagus, increases lung diffusion capacity and heart muscle contractility, improves general condition , patients gain weight, the need for analgesics is reduced or completely eliminated, depression and insomnia are alleviated. Due to the proven immunomodulatory properties of zeolite and its effects on the skin, the most effective antitumor activity is expected in melanoma and immune-dependent tumors, however, experience shows that in different types and types of cancer reactions are different and individual. In conclusion, all oncology patients in different scales show positive effects on zeolite, therefore zeolite as a supportive therapy has a justified place in modern oncology.

    Regular intake of zeolite has the effect of detoxifying the body from heavy metals, ammonia and a whole range of dangerous toxins that endanger the health and vitality of athletes, prevents stress and numerous health problems.

    Products based on activated zeolite are 100% natural products, without additives, E numbers, without substances of animal origin, without contraindications and unwanted side effects. Zeolite does not contain any substances or additives that are contrary to anti-doping regulations. It is subject to regular anti-doping control in the anti-doping laboratory Seibersdorf, which is licensed by the IOC.